Provide more personalized health care and coaching through contextualizing care adherence, well-being coaching and assisted living services.

Wellness and adherence coaching

  • Tailor messaging to observed and predicted moments throughout the day
  • Optimize timing of messaging based on semantic time
  • Adapt coaching to individual routines and lifestyles
  • Proactively detect significant behavior changes

Remote monitoring and assisted living

  • Use IOT sensors to establish behavioral patterns and routines
  • Identify deviations from behavioral norms to predict critical issues
  • Detect anomalies real time to enable timely interventions
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Case Study - Personalizing care adherence

A large pharma data services provider uses the Sentiance platform to improve medication and therapy adherence.  Our algorithms detect individual activity patterns and routines, and monitor the impact on adherence. Tailoring the content and delivery of messages to each individual's personal context can dramatically improve adherence results.