Deep Learning Internship – ChatBot

  • Internship
  • Belgium - Antwerp


You are currently studying in a field that is related to computer science, and data science in particular, and are looking for a fast-paced environment where you can work with the latest machine learning technologies and data science tools.You will be part of our Data Science Team and will be working on developing a chatbot that can correctly respond in human understandable language to a user’s questions about her timeline of events.
Inspired by AI milestones like image captioning, visual and text-based question answering, Sentiance wants to take the approach of a responsive AI agent, a step further. We at Sentiance apply machine learning to mobile sensor data, attributing situational contexts and behavioral patterns, to generate behavioral insights and real-time context. In simple words, for a given user, we generate her timeline of events, using mobile sensor data.

Job description

This internship will be aimed at developing an AI agent / chatbot, that can answer a user’s questions about her timeline. For eg. if a user asks: “When did I last go to gym?” or “How much did I work, on average, last week ?” , it should be able to look into her timeline, find/calculate the answer and respond back in human language, as a human would respond.

One way of approaching this task could be using skip-thought vectors to embed sentences/phrases into vectors and train a deep learning classifier to learn the appropriate “action” to be taken for a question. Here the “action” abstractly refers to a method/function called on the timeline to retrieve the answer in an encoded form, which is to be later decoded in human language (text).

The deep learning classifier could also be a memory network, in case we want to look back into the history of the current question, over the whole conversation. Also, other approaches are definitely welcome, and the complexity of questions, to train the chatbot for, is certainly arguable, but that can be better defined along the duration of the project.

Desired skills and expertise

  • You are a student (21 years or older) currently pursuing a degree in computer science or related field.
  • You have worked on and are passionate about deep learning.
  • You have basic knowledge of Python and Tensorflow.
  • You have a strong mathematical background and analytical mindset.
  • You have a keen interest in machine learning and data analysis.
  • You are fluent in English. Dutch is a plus.
  • You can work independently and take matters into your own hands.
  • The ability to quickly learn new technologies and successfully implement them is essential.


Experience with any of the following is considered a plus:

  • Advanced Python & Tensorflow knowledge and experience
    • Scikit-learn, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib
  • Experience with Spark or the Hadoop eco-system
  • Machine learning, data mining, data visualization

Status: Internship
Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Please send us your resume and a strong motivation with reference sentiance/2017/DLIC.